Barranco Peru is one of 43 districts in Lima, and is considered to be the city’s most romantic and bohemian, being the home and working place of many of Peru’s leading artists, musicians, designers, and photographers.

Barranco Lima. With a population of 34,378 people.  In the 19th century, it was a very fashionable beach resort for the Limeño aristocracy, and many people used to spend the summer here and in neighboring Chorrillos. Today, Barranco’s beaches are among the most popular within the worldwide surfing community, and a marina completed in 2008 provides state-of-the-art services for its yacht club.

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La Ermita de Barranco, Lima, Peru

Things to do

Barranco is surrounded by colorful flowers, fountains, statues, and charming colonial buildings. The area has various theatre performances, live music, art displays, and artisan fairs. Barranco’s Main Square attractions include the Municipal Library, “Parque Municipal de Barranco”, the church “La Iglesia de la Santísima Cruz”. Other landmarks are El Puente de Los Suspiros (The Bridge of Sighs)

Plaza De Armas De Barranco , Lima, Peru


Lima is one of the World’s gastronomy capitals and offers a variety of cuisines and many of them are located in the heart of the Barranco. Restaurant Central by Virgilio Martinez, the best |restaurant in South America, other important ones are Siete by Rafael Osterling, La 73 which serves Peruvian-Mediterranean fusion, Isolina Taberna, El Muelle Cevicheria and a lot more. 

Barranco District, Lima, Peru

Hotels in Barranco Peru

Barranco is a cultural, bohemian, and artistic district, and offers chic boutique hotels. Hotel B is full of artwork and a contemporary interior. Another important one is the Boutique Hotel Villa Barranco located in a republican house built in the 1920s, Casa Falleri which offers personalized service. Other unique hotels to consider are Casa Republica Barranco Boutique Hotel and Second Home Peru 

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Bars and Clubs

Barranco night life is very active, with pleanty of bars and clubs, offering cocktails, different type of music. The bar in Hotel B, Ayahuasca, Bar Juanito, Picas, La Posada del Ángel. The Clubs are El Dragon, La Noche De Barranco, Discoteca Barranco. Very special places are LAS PEÑAS with Peruvian live music shows in Peña Don Porfirio.

Cafes Barranco Peru

Peru coffees are grown in the high altitudes of the Andes Mountains. In Barranco there are many cafes that roast beans from the finest organic coffee farms in Peru. Cafes as  Tostaduria Bisetti, La Bodega Verde, Sofá Café Barranco are spots for coffee lovers.

Museum and Gallaries

Barranco is famous for galleries and museums. The MATE Gallery of Peruvian Mario Testino, which is one of the world’s most iconic photographers. Right next door is the Pedro de Osma Museum who was a collector of pieces dating from the Viceregal era, MAC Lima exhibits the work of Latin American and European artists dating from the 1950s.

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Shopping in Barranco Peru

In Barranco, you’ll come across cool shops with clothing from local emerging, designers, and unique souvenirs. La Feria de Barranco is a famous flea market for independent designers performing live music shows and cultural events. Dédalo offers a selection of locally made artisanal goods, clothing, accessories, house décor, and Vernacular which is a concept store.

Tips, Lifestyle and interesting facts

  • Barranco was originally a getaway for Lima residents.
  • The beach is not with white sands.
  • The is a safe neighborhood, but keep values and passports safe.
  • The street taxis are secure and cheap.
  • Barranco is a bohemian.
  • There are Good waves for a surf.
  • Lima Marina Club on the coast of Barranco is a world-class marina. 

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Barranco Peru is one of 43 districts in Lima, Peru and is considered to be the city’s most romantic and bohemian

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