Semuc Champey Guatemala is a natural monument in the department of Alta Verapaz, near the Q’eqchi’ Maya town of Lanquín. It consists of a natural 300 m limestone bridge, under which passes the Cahabón River.

Atop the bridge is a series of stepped, turquoise pools, a popular swimming attraction. The best and most popular way to see Semuc Champey in all its glory is from the “El Mirador” viewpoint. Though it is a roughly 45-minute hot, uphill jungle hike from the parking area, the views into the valley are unparalleled.

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Things to do

Semuc Champey is a natural wonder and offers a variety of activities. Hike through the jungle to the viewpoint, “El Mirador”, Swim in the Pools, river tubing down Cahabon River, Explore the K’an Ba water Cave  


Semuc Champey is in the northeast of Guatemala. Coban Ruins are about 65 km away. Buses are going from Coban. Other options are from Flores or Antigua, also possible with l buses, but better is to come by shuttles. The best way is to rent a car, it is comfortable and time saver.

Accommodation in Semuc Champey

There are many hotels and hostels around Semuc Champey. Our recommendations are: El Portal De Champey, Set in Lanquín, 5 km from Semuc Champey, offers accommodation with a restaurant, a bar, a shared lounge, evening entertainment. Utopia Eco Hotel in Lanquín, 3.5 km from Semuc Champey, has a garden and a terrace. Mountain Nest which is 30 minutes from Lanquín, 45 minutes from Semuc Champey, provides accommodation in a remote mountain setting outside of Lanquin. Featuring a private wood and stone cabin with access to its kitchen and home-cooked meals. 


  • The entrance to the Semuc Champey park is paid in the park entrance 
  • There is no ATM, bring cash
  • Limited internet in the area
  • Provide Mosquito spray and Sunscreen 
  • Try to visit from December to April as it doesn’t rain as often  
  • Beware that paths are wet and rocky, wear good shoes
  • Travel insurance is highly recommended 

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