Semic Slovenia is a settlement in the southeastern part of the country. It is the administrative center of the Municipality of Semič. The settlement is located in the traditional region of White Carniola (Bela Krajina, part of Lower Carniola) and the Southeast Slovenia Statistical Region.

Semic Slovenia lies between the Kočevje Rog Plateau and the Gorjanci range of the Žumberak Mountains to the northeast. The slopes of the Gorjanci Hills are used for wine growing. The settlement was first mentioned in the 13th century when White Carniola (Bela krajina region) was colonized by Slovene and German (Gottschee) peasants. It gets its name from Semenič Castle, which used to stand on a hill above the settlement. Semič has a population of 2017 people.

Divji potok semic slovenia
Karst cave Jewish house
Semič is a settlement in southeastern Slovenia

Things to do and Landmarks in Semic Slovenia

The spring of Krupa is one of the most beautiful springs in Bela Krajina. Krupa is a 2.5 km long river. Its source is a karst spring in the village of Krupa below a 30-meter rock wall. The bed has canyon characteristics in some places.

The wild creek which has water flows above Srednje vas near Črmošnjice has created a remarkably diverse and picturesque stream, full of waterfalls, pools, and rapids on the dominant dolomite stone base. The stream flows most of its flow through the forest.

Markova Glava is a hill with an altitude of 755 meters above the Črmošnjiška valley. Near Markova Glava there is a lookout cliff where you can see the entire Črmošnjiška valley and many villages in Bela Krajina and Dolenjska region. Under the lookout cliff, you can see Srednja vas with the church of Sv. Philip in Jacob. Above is the only ski resort in Bela Krajina and Dolenjska – Gače.

The old town square of Semič, Štefanov trg Square with the Church of St. Stephen, a defensive fort for the protection against Turkish raids, the Fort House and Semič Museum House represents the old market square of Semič. Semič Museum House will enthrall you with a fantastic natural history collection dedicated to our karst landscape, while the historic and viticulture collection is also highly attractive.

Karst cave Jewish house (Judovska hiša) was carved in limestone by Krupa rivers predecessor. It could be located behind the village of Moverna vas in the forest above the river Krupa. Archaeological digs in 1960, 1985, and 1987 have revealed it was inhabited in the Palaeolithic. It is the first such discovery in Bela Krajina. Bone remnants belonging to various mammals and birds were found.

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Semiška gora mountain
Old town square of Semič
Semic slovenia view

Hiking, Cycling, and Skiing

Numerous hiking and cycling trails wind through mixed forests, karst gorges, and meadows. One such trail is the popular Karst nature trail from Lebica to Krupa, and hiking trail over Semiška Gora mountain and Gače ski resort. Especially inviting is the breathtaking view over the entire Bela Krajina which opens up from the panoramic road on the Semiška Gora Mountain. Here, the softness of the rolling Semič hills will be at your fingertips. Semič has one ski resort which is mostly focusing on summer tourism encompassing hiking, cycling (you can rest e-bikes), and various other events.

Accommodation in Semic Slovenia

There are good accommodation options in Semič. Hotel Smuk features a restaurant, bar, garden, family rooms with terraces. The Mirna Gora Mountain Lodge. Guest House Kalska Domačija with garden views. Family House Kalska Domačija with a beautiful garden and a terrace. Sun House is a vacation home with a fully equipped kitchen and a balcony, offering free WiFi and garden views and others

Restaurants in Semic Slovenia

Pezdirc Inn offers a culinary experience that combines dishes featuring modern culinary approaches and dishes prepared according to our grandmother’s recipes and pairs them with the high-quality wines of the Bela Krajina region. Pr’Matičku is a pleasant nook with an old-fashioned inn and pizzeria in a relaxing, rustic atmosphere with good service and tasty local cuisine. Another option is the restaurant in the Hotel Smuk. You should try also the bakery “Pri Neđotu” 

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Museums in Semic Slovenia

Semič Museum House which building was for a long time a school, later a post office, and a medical station; however, it is an important part of the Semič history, culture, and architectural features of the Semič core. Today, it is home to the Bela Krajina Nature Center, the local museum collection “Semič in twenty paintings”, the wine collection, the tasting cellar, and the Semič Tourist Information Center.  The other one is the Partisan hospital Topolovec museum.

Events in Semic Slovenia

Every summer the Semič Cultural center organizes various events from concerts, theater plays, kids shows, open-air cinema, interviews, and others. The main event is called “Semiška Ohcet” which means Semič traditional wedding. And an ethnological presentation of how old weddings took place. The event is organized every year during the last weekend in August before school starts including live music, art shows, traditional folklore dancing with local and guests groups.

Tips and Interesting Facts

  • The Krupa river with an average flow of about 1000 liters per second has the highest water flow in the entire region
  • The first paleolithic station in the entire Bela Krajina the region is in Semič municipality – Karst cave Jewish house.
  • The parish church of Saint Stephen in Semič was first mentioned in 1228, while Semič directly was mentioned first in 1309.
  • Semič is the third-largest town and the second-largest municipality in the Bela Krajina region.
  • Semič has the longest built single-track tunnel in Slovenia,1975 meters long. There is a tunnel which is longer, but it is double-track.
  • You can travel to Semič by railway, car or bus. We recommend renting a car 
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