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  • Any content that we will not be used will be deleted.
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Image requirements

  • Image should have good quality lighting and focus
  • We use ratio 3 wide to 2 high
  • Image size should be between 0.5MB to 3MB (500,000 to 3,000,000 bytes)
  • We must include 5 to 6 photos in each post. 
  • We include one main image for each post 
  • No scanned pictures are allowed
  • Images cannot include any recognizable logos, trademarks, vehicle license plates, copyrighted products, or other intellectual property 
  • No manipulated images
  • Image should exclude recognizable persons and celebrities 

Text requirement 

  • No long sentences and descriptions,
  • Local tips, Lifestyle, interesting facts, stuff that travelers must be aware– as many as you can, 
  • Introduction of a destination around 100 words including the number of populations
  • Best things to do, describe as many as you can with 50 words
  • 3 to 5 best restaurants, 50 words, mention any special features
  • 3 to 5 best hotels, 50 words, mention any special features
  • 3 to 5 museums and art galleries, 50 words
  • 3 to 5 best wellness and spa facilities, including golf, 50 words
  • Any regular local events like fairs, expos, show, concerts 
  • Limo and transportation services (if any available)
  • Villas rentals (if any available)
  • Any books published about the destination
  • Please describe anything that is typical, activities like sports, charter boats, ski, wine tasting, hiking, spiritual experience, or others

By submitting the files, I confirm the ownership and give full rights to this content.

    Nadia Petrova
    Nadia Petrova
    Barranco, Lima, Peru. Born in Bulgaria, Peruvian jewelry designer who lives in Lima since 2011. Works in Barranco and knows well the area.

    Liliya Nizhnik
    Liliya Nizhnik
    Uman, Ukraine. Graduated from Uman National University of Horticulture. I have a Ph.D. in marketing. I have professional experience of 15 years.
    Nicolas Herrera Anez
    Nicolas Herrera Anez
    Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Student Love traveling and discovering new destinations.

    Emilia Malinova
    Emilia Malinova
    Varna, Bulgaria. Human resources. Passion for traveling, good food, culture and art.

    Caloline Pete
    Caloline Pete
    Bournemouth, UK. I have spent over eight years traveling and working abroad in entertainment, including four years working at sea. Always look to explore further and visit new destinations!
    Milagros Carrasco
    Milagros Carrasco
    Lima, Peru. Excellent leadership skills, and ability to effectively manage, lead and supervise multidisciplinary teams, strategic thinking, open to new perspectives, creative, manage innovation well, ability to delegate effectively, executive-level communication and influencing skills with the ability to resolve issues, build consensus among groups of diverse internal/external stakeholders, and have proven skill in negotiating and mediating conflict.

    Iavor Radkov
    Cape Town, South Africa. Rent a car company owner. Very experienced in traveling and hospitality.
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    OwnWorldOnline.com is an opportunity for travelers, photographers, and contributors to share their content with a targeted audience, and gain exposure.

    Image courtesy of Caloline Pete
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