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Own Semic Slovenia, a settlement in the southeastern part of the country. It is the administrative center of the Municipality of Semič.

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Own Semic Slovenia, a settlement in the southeastern part of the country. It is the administrative center of the Municipality of Semič. The settlement is located in the traditional region of White Carniola (Bela Krajina, part of Lower Carniola) and the Southeast Slovenia Statistical Region.

Semic Slovenia lies between the Kočevje Rog Plateau and the Gorjanci range of the Žumberak Mountains to the northeast. The slopes of the Gorjanci Hills are used for wine growing. Semič is the site of an Iskra Kondenzatorji capacitor production plant, the largest employer in the region. In the 1980s the improper handling of PCB waste material led to serious pollution of nearby Krupa Creek and caused a major environmental scandal. Semič has a population of 2017 people.

Own Semic Slovenia

The spring of Krupa is one of the most beautiful springs in Bela Krajina. Krupa is a 2.5 km long river. Its source is a karst spring in the village of Krupa below a 30-meter rock wall. The bed has canyon characteristics in some places.

The wild creek which has water flows above Srednje vas near Črmošnjice has created a remarkably diverse and picturesque stream, full of waterfalls, pools, and rapids on the dominant dolomite stone base. The stream flows most of its flow through the forest.

Markova Glava is a hill with an altitude of 755 meters above the Črmošnjiška valley. Near Markova Glava there is a lookout cliff where you can see the entire Črmošnjiška valley and many villages in Bela Krajina and Dolenjska region. Under the lookout cliff, you can see Srednja vas with the church of Sv. Philip in Jacob. Above is the only ski resort in Bela Krajina and Dolenjska – Gače.

The old town square of Semič, Štefanov trg Square with the Church of St. Stephen, a defensive fort for the protection against Turkish raids, the Fort House and Semič Museum House represents the old market square of Semič. Semič Museum House will enthrall you with a fantastic natural history collection dedicated to our karst landscape, while the historic and viticulture collection is also highly attractive.

Karst cave Jewish house (Judovska hiša) was carved in limestone by Krupa rivers predecessor. It could be located behind the village of Moverna vas in the forest above the river Krupa. Archaeological digs in 1960, 1985, and 1987 have revealed it was inhabited in the Palaeolithic. It is the first such discovery in Bela Krajina. Bone remnants belonging to various mammals and birds were found.

Own Semic Slovenia


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