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Santorini: Portrait of a Vanished Era

Santorini: Portrait of a Vanished Era

Robert A McCabe,  Margarita Pournara (Autors)

Beautiful black-and-white photographs of Santorini taken between 1954 and 1964–depicting idyllic landscapes and traditional island culture

The Glow of Paris: The Bridges of Paris at Night

The Glow of Paris: The Bridges of Paris at Night

Gary Zuercher (Author)

Already we’re expecting something special. And that’s exactly what Gary Zuercher gives us in this gorgeous collection of photographs. Over a period of five years, he took his cameras out into the Parisian night to capture stunningly evocative images of the bridges that span the Seine. 

Sunsets of Tulum Raymond Bartlett (Author)

Sunsets of Tulum

Raymond Bartlett (Author)

Reed Haflinger and his aloof wife take an impromptu trip to Mexico’s Riviera Maya, but it’s not the reconnection Reed was hoping for. When she departs early for home, he stays at the resort, lost in what remains of a vacation he feels he deserves.

Book Pylos

Mycenaean Messenia and the Kingdom of Pylos

Richard Hope Simpson (Author)

This study outlines the state of our present knowledge concerning the Mycenaean settlements in Messenia and examines the evidence for reconstructing the political geography of the “Kingdom” of Pylos. The progress of archaeological exploration in Messenia is reviewed in relation to the Mycenaean (Late Helladic LH]) period. The data from excavations and surveys concerning the Mycenaean settlements in Messenia are summarized. The author attempts to determine the extent of the “Kingdom” and to identify the locations of its main districts by correlating the archaeological data from Mycenaean sites with the the inscriptions in Linear B found in the “Palace of Nestor” at Ano Englianos.

Book Wanaka: Lake, Mountain, Adventure

Book Wanaka: Lake, Mountain, Adventure

Neville Peat (Author)

Neville Peat describes the scenic splendour of Wanaka and the myriad activities and attractions for visitors in this updated edition of a book that serves as both a guide to one of New Zealand’s tourism hotspots, and as a souvenir. The book covers the history of the Wanaka area and its progress into a contemporary centre renowned for an exciting range of outdoor activities and regular events, including the internationally recognized Warbirds Over Wanaka air show. Further material offers a guide to local walking and cycling tracks, local flora and fauna, and Mt Aspiring National Park. Travel Books

Summer Houses and Graffiti in Barranco Peru

Summer Houses and Graffiti in Barranco Peru

Gary Walters (Author)

Interested in graffiti. Barranco now a suburb of Lima was a fishing village then a place where elaborate summer residences were built. It has a terrific beach. Today it is publicized to tourists as a bohemian enclave, but those days are mostly over. In their wake a mixture of elegant houses mostly in disrepair, high rises, shops and restaurants of high and low degree and in the town centre murals and graffiti. 


Pylos and Sphacteria 425 BC: Sparta’s Island of Disaster

William Shepherd (Author)  Peter Dennis (Illustrator)

In the seventh year of the Second Peloponnesian or ‘Archidamian’ War the Athenians occupied the promontory of Pylos on the west coast of the Peloponnese as a counterstroke to Sparta’s repeated invasions of Attica. Over two days of fighting the small garrison beat off the Spartan army and fleet’s determined efforts to dislodge it, and then the returning Athenian fleet won a crushing victory in the nearby waters of what is now known as Navarino Bay. As a consequence, a contingent of elite Spartan hoplites was stranded on the island of Sphacteria in the bay just to the south of Pylos for several weeks of inconclusive siege and blockade operations and an unproductive period of truce. The Athenians had full control of the sea. With the campaigning season drawing to a close, they finally decided to mount an attack on the island using unconventional tactics. 

The Life Monaco Grand Prix

The Life Monaco Grand Prix

Stuart Codling (Author)

Go behind the scenes to explore the history, racing, celebrity fans, and after hours of racing’s most glamorous and prestigious round in the F1 championship with The Life Monaco Grand Prix.

Cape Town

Gerald Hoberman (Photographer)

A place of haunting natural beauty and captivating urban charm on Africa‘s southernmost peninsula, Cape Town is one of the most relevant and desirable destinations in the world. Little wonder The New York Times voted Cape Town the world’s best city to visit, and National Geographic ranked it at number two for the best “beach city.” 

book Wanaka: A Remarkable Tale of an Extraordinary Woman

Wanaka: A Remarkable Tale of an Extraordinary Woman

Michael Guest (Author)

Son of a Hong Kong WW2 refugee father and Scottish-Australian mother, Michael Guest was born in 1954 in the coal mining town of Lithgow, Australia. He lived, worked and studied in Sydney and the south coast of NSW, taking his PhD in modern literature (Samuel Beckett) at the University of Sydney. He moved to Japan in 1991 to teach English at business school in Nagoya, before accepting a position at Shizuoka University, where he would become a full Professor in media and cultural studies and a founding member of Japan’s first national faculty and graduate school of informatics. He published many academic and media articles, some of which have appeared in The Australian newspaper, Australian Book Review, Australian Society, Journal of Beckett Studies, and Education about Asia. 

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